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The Vault Denim Story

Vault Denim is one of the newest companies in the Direct Selling industry today. Having been around for only a year, it does not come as a surprise that few people have heard of this new company. Vault Denim was established in the year 2010 in Sandy, Utah. The company focuses primarily on selling designer jeans that can be found in the market as well but what truly sets Vault Denim apart from its competitors is that they offer their jeans at half the price of its retail value.

Vault Denim offers a great ground-floor opportunity for those who are just starting out in the direct selling industry. Vault Denim offers great products of even greater value, which is not an advantage only to consumers but as well as to distributors, as they are given the opportunity to earn more.

One does not have to be an industry expert to know that timing is crucial to success in business. Direct sales is not different from any other businesses in this regard, as the time you decide to join a company is important to achieve success. This is why ground-floor opportunities are very appealing, as they offer people a chance to learn the ins and outs of the business while the company is still at its launching period, giving them a bigger chance of earning promotions even during the company’s earlier stages. Vault Denim offers consultants this opportunity and more. While the company’s team size is significantly smaller than those of other companies, it is quickly growing as more consultants are recruited into the Vault Denim family.

Vault Denim Jeans

While Vault Denim’s product base is limited to denim jeans, there is still a lot that one can expect from the company. From plain denims, Capris to limited-edition designer jeans and high-end jeans, Vault Denim offers just about any type and style of denim jeans available in the market.

Offering the same quality, style, and detail that designer jeans in retail stores offer, Vault Denim jeans have the added advantage of being sold for a much lower price and are much more accessible since they are brought directly to the consumer, eliminating the need to have to go to a retail location to shop. Featuring a wide-range of high-end brands, the options are unlimited for both consultants and consumers.

Vault Denim is able to provide their designer denim products for half their retail price because they purchase overstock jeans from designer labels. This allows them to sell authentic high-end denim for such low prices. It is worth noting, however, that consultants cannot choose which items to add to their inventory, as Vault Denim stocks periodically changes. This is a typical characteristic of the clothing industry, as stocks change per season. However, since Vault Denim stocks up frequently, one can expect a wide variety of options to offer their customers.

Vault Denim Business Opportunity

Despite being new to the direct selling industry, Vault Denim has already established an organized system of distribution for their fashion consultants. While this direct sales company operates in the same manner as other companies, there are several notable differences in the way they distribute items to people concerned. For one, Vault Denim does not ask their consultants to purchase the items that they will be selling, it is provided for them by the company through the form of inventories. Vault Denim has set up various local inventories in several states and is continuously growing as the company expands. There is no need to worry about running out of products to sell, as the company increases the number of inventories in each region each time a party is booked or new consultants are introduced to the company in a particular area.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of joining Vault Denim is the fact that they allow anyone to become a part of the company for a very minimal fee. Another thing that sets Vault Denim apart from others in the industry is that they don’t make their customers wait for their orders to arrive. Instead, customers can take home their Vault Denim jeans after purchasing them from a Vault Denim party, which is the most common way by which these jeans are distributed by consultants to their clientele.

Becoming a Vault Denim Fashion Consultant is open to anyone who wants to start a business. Vault Denim is especially great for those who are interested in ground floor opportunities that would allow them to grow and expand with the company. Vault Denim assures all their consultants that all their products are 100% original so they don’t have to worry about cheap knock-offs that don’t look anything like the ones in the catalog.

By joining Vault Denim in its early stages, you will have an advantage over others, as you will be given more opportunities for growth as the company expands.

Vault Denim Starter Kit

If you want to become an independent fashion consultant for Vault Denim, you will have to purchase your starter kit after you sign up for the company. The Vault Denim starter kit is made available for $159 and comes equipped with everything you need to get started. While you will have to pay for your starter kit, Vault Denim will provide your succeeding monthly inventories.

Once you have paid for your kit, you will receive your personal Vault Denim email address, training materials, and unlimited access to Designer Jean inventories in your area.

Vault Denim Compensation Plan

Even for a company that is still in its startup phase, Vault Denim offers a profitable compensation plan for Vault fashion consultants. Every consultant can earn a minimum of 18% to 24% profit on retail sales.

Vault Denim Fashion Consultants also earn from new recruits and they can also earn money from their down line’s commissionable sales. As a consultant, you can earn as much as 7% commission on every sale that your recruits make and you can earn up to 5% commission on consultants recruited by your down lines. This is a very profitable venture, especially for those who know of others who are interested in becoming independent consultants as well.

You will also be sent to national conferences and be given attractive vacation and monetary bonuses for all your hard work and effort. Since the company provides a comprehensive training course to all new consultants, you can be assured that you will know everything you need to know to make enough money on your first party. You also get a chance to get free Vault Denim jeans for yourself if your sales reach higher than your monthly quota.

Vault Denim Parties and Hostess Rewards

As previously mentioned, the best way to sell Vault Denim jeans is through a Vault Denim party. Since the company is very new to the industry, it may be necessary for consultants to approach potential hostesses at the onset. As Vault Denim increases in popularity, consultants can expect hostesses to be the ones to approach them for party bookings later on.

Hostesses can earn as much as 10% worth of Vault Denim products, depending on party sales. Since Vault Denim fashion consultants will be bringing their inventory to the party, hostesses and party guests can purchase the jeans of their choice right then and there. There is no need to wait for the product to be shipped and delivered to their residences.

Vault denim fashion consultants can opt to start by hosting their first party and inviting friends and family. Since the company offers great products at such low prices, it is almost always guaranteed that one can get several new bookings right away.

Vault Denim is duly accredited for ensuring that all consultants abide by the laws of ethical selling. Vault Denim may be a very young company but it is quickly establishing itself in the industry. In a few more years, the company is expected to be able to compete with some of its bigger counterparts in the direct selling industry.


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